Free Computers for Single Parents

Computers can be of great use especially to single parents. Single moms and dads usually struggle to keep up with their family’s everyday needs, not to mention the fact that they need to spend quality time to take care of their kids. With a computer at home, they can focus on online jobs and save time driving to work at the same time money for transportation costs. But how can they buy a computer when it costs way beyond their budget? They don’t actually have to buy, as there are opportunities that give away free computers for single parents.

But where can free computers for single parents be found? One good place to check out is grant websites. Websites that offer grants usually cater to low-income individuals and families. They can apply for grants according to their need, and once they pass the qualifications they will receive grant money which they can not only pay for a computer, but also to provide for some of their other needs. All they have to do is submit an application together with other supporting documents verifying their need and condition and from there they will be evaluated and reviewed for approval.

Another way to find free computers in which single parents can check out is that of telecommunications providers. Some companies that offer telephone and internet services have packages where laptops or desktops are already included for no extra cost. Those who are planning to subscribe to internet services after purchasing a computer can actually save more money, as they no longer have to buy a desktop or laptop anymore. Some of these deals also come with free mobiles phones, which can also be of great use. These packages are well designed to fit the needs of low-income families, particularly with single parents.