Free Computers for Teachers

Teachers, like students, are in great need of computers. As mentors they have the obligation to provide only the best lessons, and they can only do so by using the latest technologies available today. They also use computers for planning and creating better teaching strategies both while at work and at home. However, the salary of an average teacher is sometimes just enough to pay for basic needs, and buying a computer can take a toll on the budget. The good thing is, there are people, groups and organizations that realize this need and therefore provide free computers for teachers.

Among the programs that provide free computers for teachers is MacTreasures ( It is a database of the various donors of Macintosh computer equipment as well as the schools searching for Macintosh computers. Through this site you can find many available sources of refurbished Mac desktops and laptops which you can use in making lesson plans and teaching strategy. The said organization accepts requests from school administrators and teachers who want to avail of computers, which they would match with the nearest donors in the given locality to ensure the fast and efficient delivery of computer units. There are also other similar organizations that provide the same service such as MacTreasures, and you may contact them as well.

When filing an application to receive a free computer, be sure to provide vital information correctly and completely, such as the name of the school you’re teaching at, your status in the school, and the number of computers needed by the school for the teachers to use. There are some donors which do not cover the costs of shipping and delivery of the computers, thus you would have to set aside a certain amount of money to pay for shipping costs just in case they would be required.