Free Laptops For High School Students

The extent to which everyone today is glued to a laptop, it’s presence around us can’t be overlooked, be it a mall, cafeteria, airport or a college campus. Earlier it was considered as a necessity, but today it acts as a trend setter. In such an environment, would free laptops for high school students be a good initiative?

Even though laptops are being considered as a fashion statement, we can’t be ignorant about how useful it is for students. Presentations, orals, assignments, exam preparation you name it, you need it. Laptops accentuate the effectiveness of learning for all students. Hence, free laptops for high school students is in fact a good educational move.

There are many who can afford a laptop, but some students who fall in the category of lower income group aren’t financially stable and purchasing a laptop only remains a dream for them. In such cases, a free laptop can bring a smile on their face. Most of the High school students today carry a laptop to fulfil their educational necessities, but what about those who can’t afford it?

Why should money come in the way of individual growth? Why should only the rich or affording students avail the various benefits of owning a laptop when you’re in high school? If just by providing free laptops we can help them improve their performance at school, then what are we waiting for?

The school ministry, organizations, trusts and technology companies should be alarmed of the necessity of every high school student owing a laptop and hence try to be more benevolent and charitable in providing free computers to them, or at least to the non affording ones.

It may be a trend today, because every other person owns a laptop, but somewhere due to its commonality, we forget that there are a good number of students who still don’t own one, and if we don’t take an initiative today, then may be our educational system is not being fair to all its students.