Free Laptops for Kids

In this day and age, computers have served a great purpose in enriching children’s minds and developing their talents. Kids of different ages become more capable of handling projects and tasks more efficiently thanks to this technology, and they get to excel faster both in the world of academics of recreation. Not all children come from families who can afford computers though, and because of this opportunities were made to provide free laptops for kids.

There are certain groups, such as the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) foundation, that raise money and awareness to provide free laptops for kids coming from developing countries. These laptops are specially-designed to meet the educational needs of these children, as they have missed out a lot on regular classroom schooling due to famine, state conflict and poverty. There are other similar organizations that provide free laptop computers to children, and they meanwhile focus on underprivileged kids who are residents of a specific locality, as well as children who show great potential certain academic fields. Other companies and charity groups also provide free laptops, as well as desktops to children, but unlike the OLPC, they give away used laptops which were once used by employees and donations from sponsors. Nevertheless, these computers can still be of great use when it comes to educating the minds of the youth.

If you are looking for a free laptop for your child to use, then you may check out organizations and websites which cater to children’s rights and welfare. These places post special events, activities and opportunities in which you can get a free computer for your kid. Toy stores and companies also hold raffles and contests at certain times of the year, and some of their prize packages include toy laptops (which are educational as well), and real laptops computers installed with educational programs which kids can tinker at.