Free Laptops No Surveys

There are a lot of ways on how you can get a free computer, and among them are surveys. Answering surveys and giving feedback on products and services can earn you a laptop, but they can be grueling and take a lot of them before you are eligible to avail of the package being given away. Hence, if you don’t like making reviews or feedback, then you might as well check out deals that offer free laptops, no surveys.

When searching for free laptops no surveys required, you may want to visit online contests. These contests, particularly those sponsored by established companies and computer brands are games in which you have to submit an entry in order to have the chance to win. You may be asked to write an essay, produce a video or submit creative material for the contest, or just answer their trivia answers in which entries will be drawn into a raffle. These sites are much easier, but your chances of winning can be slimmer especially when there are a lot of people who joined.

Meanwhile, if you don’t like joining contests, then there is also another way to go: non-profit organizations. These groups usually give away free laptop as well as desktops to persons whom they deem deserving, such as low-income families, students, the unemployed, disabled, and the minorities. They give away computers as a form of help in order for their recipients to become productive. Thus, if you believe you qualify in these conditions, you may submit an application to receive a laptop. Just be sure to provide the right information in your application so that you will not be held liable against misinformation or verification checks, as these problems may automatically disqualify you from your request, and even affect the other programs you have applied for.