Free Netbooks for College Students

College students are very busy people. They juggle their lives attending classes, doing projects, preparing for exams, enjoying a social life and attending their own personal chores. Twenty-four hours is sometimes enough for them to get through the day, and they would want more time and space in order to attend to their other needs. Owning a computer can help them save time and effort in doing research work as the tool they need is already at their hands, but not all of them can afford to purchase a desktop or a laptop. Fortunately, there are sponsors, programs and companies that give away free netbooks for college students.

Free netbooks for college students are common today. A lot of companies that provide grants and scholarships for college students include netbooks in their packages because these computers are easy to use, lightweight and compact, and are highly affordable. Unlike other laptops, netbooks are cheaper, thus sponsors can allot a good budget to provide their grant recipients with such computers. The sleek size and design of netbooks are also appealing to students, as these can be placed inside their bags and knapsacks, thus saving them from being possible targets of robbers and thieves while they are traveling on the road.

If you are looking for opportunities that give away free netbooks to students, then you may pay your institution’s students’ affairs office and see which available programs provide laptops in their packages. You may also search for contests and raffles sponsored by companies and stores online that you can join in and have the chance to win. Student fairs, contests and activities sponsored by school organizations and fraternities also use netbook for prizes and giveaways, and these are also good places in which you can find a netbook to own for free.