Free Netbooks for Disabled People

Netbooks are one of the most portable types of computers available today. They are lightweight, trendy and compact, making them easy to carry and use even while on the go. A lot of people can benefit from netbooks, especially those who are physically impaired. Thus, a wide array of opportunities is created to help them and one of these is by giving free netbooks for disabled people.

But why give free netbooks for disabled people? First, unlike other computers such as laptops and desktops, netbooks are easy to handle. They can be stored in the bag and brought out once the user is in his destination, and it can be kept protected while on the road. Desktops are bulky and keep one stationary, while laptops are still heavy and require a separate bag for storage. Netbooks are more practical, not to mention they work as effectively as their bigger counterparts. Persons who are physically impaired can then do their own jobs while outside their homes, and as well continue their interaction with others when on the road.

There are many different organizations and charities that offer free netbooks to those who are physically impaired. All these people have to do is to submit their applications and state their requests, as well as their exact conditions together with supporting documents to prove their disability. Grants can also be used in providing computers, as there are programs which support not only grant money but as well as the netbook packages. Disabled persons can contact local social welfare departments, as these offices have access to sponsors and donors of free computers, and they too can submit their applications to these local contacts. Applicants will also undergo a series of screenings and evaluations, such as interviews, and once they are deemed fit, they will be able to receive the netbooks they asked for.