Free Old Computers

Owning a computer can help you get through with your various activities, from doing research, processing documents and communicating via the internet. But sometimes new computers are just too expensive, thus you resort to purchasing second-hand or refurbished units instead. There are actually benefits in getting old units, as you can use them to assemble your own custom PC. Fortunately, there are a lot of places in which you can get free old computers and save money from buying them.

Free old computers are usually available in freebie websites and forums, where members trade various items such as old model computer units and accessories, gadgets, books, etc. You can browse for the things that they offer and see if you can avail of them. You may have to trade some of the things you have in exchange of old computers, depending on your negotiation with the other party. Aside from freebie websites, old units are also available in charity organizations that provide free desktops and laptops to those who come from low-income families, unemployed and persons whom they find deserving to receive computers. You can request for an old computer package or just parts and accessories, depending on your need. Aside from organizations, online shops and stores also give away free old units, particularly those which have not been sold, by means of including them in promo sale packages.

When asking for old computers, you are usually subject to paying for the shipping and handling costs. Getting old units also pose certain risks, as some of them have defective components and incompatible parts, which may not be of good use to the unit that you’re currently assembling. However, if your goal is to learn more about troubleshooting PCs and find ways on how to recycle old parts, then you may find these freebie websites and organizations of great help.