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Free Laptops for the Disabled

Being handicapped or physically-impaired can cause great stress, since you become less capable of doing the activities that you’ve grown to enjoy. However, this should not stop you, as well as others who are physically handicapped, from becoming productive. There are a lot of jobs and activities that work well with disabled persons, and most of these opportunities are found online. Thus, to help them regain their confidence and start being productive and self-sufficient, groups and organizations have came up with giving free laptops for the disabled.

In the United States alone, there are various organizations that seek to help physically-impaired persons by providing free laptops for the disabled. Among these groups is the Texas Center for the Physically Impaired that annually gives out laptops to the visually handicapped. They send out as many as 400 laptops every year to qualified applicants, and at present they are hoping to increase their giveaways in order to help more individuals in need. TechSoup.org and Recycles.org are also groups that share the same vision, and they offer free laptops and other computers for the disabled.

Other countries also provide free laptops to their disabled citizens, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Germany, Japan and Australia. Groups and companies in these countries that give away their computers usually tie up with government agencies and non-profit organizations to further spread the news to those who need computers, and all you have to do is visit their offices both in person or online. These organization do ask for requirements though, but not in the form of money; rather, they ask for community support, participation in their events, as well as regular updates from their recipients to see if the laptops and computers which they gave have indeed been of great help in improving the lives of the disabled.