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Free Laptops for Soldiers

Military personnel, regardless of rank, are usually assigned to faraway destinations to undergo combat training and other activities. Because of this they become separated from their loved ones, and eventually find themselves sad and bored in the process. This is quite normal, since soldiers are human beings too, and in order to reduce their feeling of stress and loneliness while in the barracks, opportunities have been created to give away free laptops for soldiers.

One of the best ways to earn a computer while in military service is by enrolling at GoArmyEd, an online institution that allows army personnel to take distance learning classes via the internet. The said institution offers free laptops for soldiers who wish to enroll in their courses, especially those who want to be promoted to higher ranks faster. By enrolling at a laptop-included course package, soldiers can then use their computer not only for their studies, but also to activate the communication lines between them and their loved ones while they are on training. Aside from GoArmyEd, another organization in which a soldier can get a free laptop is the JDS Computer Donations. Founded by a former Vietnam War veteran, the organization seeks to collect new and used laptops to send to soldiers to help them stay in touch with their family and friends while they are away.

Having a laptop would be of great help for soldiers, as they not only become capable of communicating faster with the people close to them, they also get to find more money-making opportunities via online jobs. Through these, soldiers can now earn more income for their families, especially when their current salaries are barely enough for their various needs. Using laptops can also reduce their feeling of sadness and depression, as it can serve the purpose of media players, in which they can be entertained through watching DVDs, playing music and games.

Free Laptops for Military

Having a laptop can be a good gadget not only in terms of communication and information gathering, but also serves as a source of entertainment. For soldiers, living in the barracks can be quite boring since their activities become a routine after a period of time, thus having a laptop can make their time easy and much worthwhile. However, their salary and benefits are sometimes just enough for their necessities, and buying a computer can be a luxury. Fortunately, there are a lot of opportunities and places that provide free laptops for military personnel.

If you are looking for contests and opportunities the give away free laptops for military, you may take the easy route of participating in surveys and feedback on certain products and services. There are companies which offer surveys which you can fill out, and in return you may get a free laptop. These providers usually ask users to review their items in a quality, informative manner as this helps improve their research and development activities. When searching for free laptops, it is recommended that you visit sites computer manufacturers and developers first as they are the ones that usually give away computer parts and peripherals in their contests and programs. By completely filling out their surveys, you would possess a ticket towards owning a laptop without spending a single cent.

Aside from surveys, you can also check out scholarships and grants that provide free computers or money which you can use to buy your own laptop; this can be very helpful especially when you are planning to go back to school to attain a higher rank in the military. Some grants cater specifically to military personnel and provide not only a laptop but also a wide range of benefits that can sure help you with your studies as well.